Thursday, 16 July 2015

The mystery circle explained

Long, long ago, Penny and I were mystified by a circle of dead grass that appeared  in a local park.

We did figure eventually that the grass had been sprayed in order to prepare the spot  for an indigenous planting.

And now the planting is flourishing.

It's a pity that they probably used a horrible, dangerous herbicide on the spot originally, but I guess we'll have to hope it hasn't remained in the ground. (But latest science seems to indicate it stays around longer than Monsanto would have us believe.)

Monday, 6 July 2015

dogs and edible weeds

In the park the other day I was intrigued to see Penny investigating a patch of mallow.

I'm super interested in edible weeds lately, and thought maybe Penny had joined me in the search for free comestibles. (Just had to dash across to to check whether I'd used this word correctly, because it's the first time I ever got a chance to write it!)

Here's Penny investigating the mallow.

Here's a closer look at her and the weeds:

But wait a minute! What was her rear end doing? Oh, no, that's why I don't gather edibles from the dog park.

She was eating weeds soon afterwards - her favourite - grass. I hope she checked first that no one had peed on it.