Tuesday, 27 July 2021

Baby Steps in Peppa's new life

 Peppa is making progress.

House training... well, the books say how to do that, but I think she hasn't read the books.

She's conquered the doggy door, and that's probably because she may have had one at the home where she was born.

A few days ago was first walk in the street. I had forgotten that cars would be quite scary for her. We were so used to Penny being relaxed around all the noises of city life.


Yesterday was first walk on a long, loose lead, exploring in Heide kitchen garden. We have never seen other dogs there, so it seemed a safe place for a first outing.


Of course, like all Melbourne citizens, she knows to collect a mask when preparing to leave the house.


Today was her first encounter with friendly stranger dogs in another park and that went well.