Thursday, 16 September 2021

First bath in the hydrobath

 Peppa had a big adventure yesterday when we tried out the hydrobath for the first time in her life.

Not a great success, as the loud machine that powered the spray hose was rather scary. 

 Even the offer of lots of treats didn't work, because she was so nervous she couldn't eat. 

But we did discover, as we suspected 😉 that under all those masses of lhasa apso fur there was a skinny puppy.

So we turned off the machine and just used a baby bath and jugs of warm water to complete the bath. 

Afterwards, she had a wonderful time when we wrapped her in a towel to dry. She adores the game of disappearing and reappearing in a big comfy towel.

Friday, 3 September 2021

Peppa is her own person

 We have to resist the temptation to compare Peppa's progress with that of our beloved Penny, because we need to remember Peppa is a separate individual, with her own life story to experience. 

Here are a few shots of her first two months with us:


Learning to be comfortable in her new bed.

Welcoming next door's cat who came visiting.

Chilling out.

Conquering the doggy door.


Tuesday, 27 July 2021

Baby Steps in Peppa's new life

 Peppa is making progress.

House training... well, the books say how to do that, but I think she hasn't read the books.

She's conquered the doggy door, and that's probably because she may have had one at the home where she was born.

A few days ago was first walk in the street. I had forgotten that cars would be quite scary for her. We were so used to Penny being relaxed around all the noises of city life.


Yesterday was first walk on a long, loose lead, exploring in Heide kitchen garden. We have never seen other dogs there, so it seemed a safe place for a first outing.


Of course, like all Melbourne citizens, she knows to collect a mask when preparing to leave the house.


Today was her first encounter with friendly stranger dogs in another park and that went well.

Sunday, 27 June 2021

Peppa has joined our family

 It was a long trip home in heavy traffic, last Thursday...

and the driver was taking great care, because there was a very special new family member on someone's lap.


Her name was meant to be 'Pepper', but the breeder spelled it this way, so that's what we will call her.

It feels sad to be writing on Penny's blog without Penny lying asleep in the house, but we've finally made the decision to try to find a new little soul to live with us. It's been more than fifteen months since Penny died, and though we have more grieving to do, Peppa is bringing us joy.

And she's brining us visitors. The cat next door came into our house for the first time in his life on Friday, when his human visited to meet Peppa. He was nervous of Peppa, but he's a cat used to dogs, so we thought we'd try to get off on a friendly footing with him. Peppa was most interested to see him, but he didn't want to be friends. Yet. 

She has turned out to be a calm, confident little girl. Here's hoping we can give her the wonderful life she deserves.

Thursday, 6 May 2021

Dogs all around

 I went for a walk today and it seemed there were  dogs everywhere. 

But were there dogs all around me? Or is it that I'm starting to attend to every dog I see, because we're almost ready to bring another dog into our lives? I think that is the truth.

So we've started looking online for puppies. 

Or maybe a dog will somehow enter our lives from left field. Who knows? We're open to that new family member now. 

I wanted to post today to keep this blog alive, and in writing I realised the truth of our readiness to meet another dog.


Thursday, 11 March 2021

Penny's anniversary of death

 One year of life without Penny and people ask, 'Do you think you'll get another dog?' 

Well, maybe. But it will not be a substitute for lovely Penny. 

We toasted her memory at dinner tonight and remembered how lucky we were that she entered our lives. Her calm personality enriched our household and her love of fun so often made us laugh. 

Thanks, Penny.

Tuesday, 12 January 2021

Life goes on without Penny

 I've been feeling low the last few days, and it's taken me until today to realise it's probably because yesterday was  the tenth of what we call the 'Monthiversaries' of her death on 11th March 2020. 

So I'm posting this, mainly for myself, to remember her:

best of dogs

beauty queen

agility dog

doggy dancer

lure courser

beach goer

lounge lizard towards the end of her life


lazy bones at times

ball chaser par excellence until her cruciate ligaments let her down

eater of anything - meat, vegetable, you name it


best of dogs.


Her 'tennis ball' tree is in full fruit, but with no Penny to protect the crop from the birds, we've been reduced to covering the fruit with bags. 


 But every walk is a reminder of how in her long lifetime she introduced us to the beauties of nature all around us. 

Thank you, Beautiful Girl.