Wednesday, 25 July 2018

Bowen therapy and maremmas guarding hens

Penny and I visited the Yarra Valley today. We spent the morning at Bow Rei Me having Bowen therapy, first Penny and then me. It was, as usual, wonderful. Penny had lovely 'soft eyes', always a sign that she's relaxed and loving it.

Then we drove up to the Upper Yarra Valley, where I bought a supply of free range eggs from Little Yarra Free Range Eggs, some for Penny, but most for the humans in our family!

I couldn't resist taking a photo of  one of the maremmas guarding the flocks. Of course, he (or she) bounded across to tell me to leave immediately, barking fiercely, but the human who was attending to the chooks called the dog away, which is why, in this photo, you see the guardian angel of the chooks looking back towards the invisible human.

Tuesday, 24 July 2018

Penny's walk in the park

It's been nearly two months since I blogged. I guess both Penny and I are slowing down these days.

We still manage a walk every day. Today I set off for a stroll along a quiet back road, but Penny didn't want to keep going, so I lifted her back in the car and we set off for a nearby park, where she condescended to walk a little way with me.

Sometimes we get a brisk 50-minute walk in, but other times Penny just doesn't want to go. We  try to take notice of her mood, because in human terms she's a very old lady now, and we know she suffers some discomfort from arthritic knees. I suspect that sometimes she just isn't in the mood and it's not about pain at all. Who knows?

Today she let me know at this junction of paths that she thought we should head back to the car. Her body language is pretty obvious, and it usually includes a meaningful glance in the direction she wants us to take. Her bad luck, though, that the car wasn't down that path.

Seeing standing still like a statue wasn't working she tried an ostentatious yawn. It still didn't work on me, because I knew we still had a distance to go in order to get back to the car.

There was still a bit of sniffing to do, but eventually we got back to the car.