Monday, 10 April 2017

Penny has an ear for music

Why does Penny rush out of the house whenever I play the piano? For most of her life I haven't touched the piano, but I do remember that when she was a puppy I occasionally played a few times - badly, I'll freely admit - and she behaved as if she hated the sound.

It hasn't changed. I've decided it might be good for my ageing brain and my levels of stress if I played  the piano regularly. Last August I started on a few old favourite pieces, but it was disheartening to hear the immediate tick-tack of the doggy door as she left the house, so I stopped.

And once again...

What's it all about? I'm not that bad, surely. At least she doesn't jump up and try to stop me, like this dog does.

At last I've stopped playing and I'm on this computer, so she can have a little sleep, tucked up with one of her favourite balls.

Saturday, 1 April 2017

another torn cruciate and arthritis

Penny appears to be still enjoying life, even though she has significant arthritis in her left knee and a torn cruciate in the right knee. After the surgeon told us she's likely to get significant arthritis in her right knee if he operates to do a traditional repair of the joint, we decided to continue to monitor her progress. He believes enough scar tissue will build in the knee to enable her to move comfortably. She bunny-hops along when she's in a hurry, but otherwise walks on all four legs.

However, Deb from Bow Rei Me thinks Penny is weaker in her right rear leg. I'll have to keep an eye on this. Perhaps we could return to some of the physio exercises we practised when she had the first knee repaired.

So, all through the hot, hot temperatures of February and March we've been taking gentle walks, and the weather has made this a sensible choice. Now that it's cool once again, I guess we'll have to be more vigilant that Penny doesn't over exert herself. But so far she seems content to amble along. We're up to half-hour walks now.

Of course, any little puddle of water - hooray for some rain at last! - is very inviting.