Sunday, 9 January 2022

a cat and a lhasa apso

 Our neighbour has a cat. He wants to be near Peppa, and in fact wandered right into our house the day after Peppa came to live with us.

Peppa loves him. But the problem is that he won't let her come very close. One day, when Peppa was tiny, we went for an on-lead walk along the street and he accompanied us by walking alongside us up on the tops of the fences. 

Peppa had conniptions and it was pretty nightmarish trying to stop her strangling herself on the leash. 

Things have settled into a sort of truce, where he strolls around the perimeter of the house and she races around inside, looking out the windows or trying to bash her way through the screen door, if the wooden door is open. It's fun for her and entertaining for us. Sometimes I wonder what will happen when he eventually decides to let her approach him.

Well, today I discovered that she  can play happily with a friendly cat. We came across  a cat lying on the edge of a footpath when we were out for a walk, and these photos show what a lovely time the two of them had together:

So perhaps Mr Next-door and Peppa will get to play together sometime in the future.

Thursday, 6 January 2022

A lhasa apso puppy having fun in water


 Peppa had her first experience of water play two days ago and again today. I had read that lhasa apso dogs don't like water, but we thought it was worth a try.

It has continued to be hot this week, so we  wanted to get out the old pool Penny had loved. We put a sprinkler into it, so that the water was moving but not deep. 

I found an old footstool that had flat legs that we thought  would not damage the pool floor.



An additional box outside the pool acted as a step for getting in.

It was fun!


Sunday, 2 January 2022

Snooza bed is still giving good service

 It's great to see Peppa using the Snooza raised bed that we bought for Penny so many years ago. 

Penny would only sleep on it if it had a cushion or blanket on it, and even on super hot days or nights wouldn't be happy without that covering. Snooza does say that their pet futon is cool, but I prefer the open bedding at the moment.

I've read that the open mesh is a good way to keep a dog cooler, as the air can circulate around their belly and paw pads. So we feel happy that Peppa doesn't care if there's no covering on the mesh.

Saturday, 1 January 2022

Coping with the heat for the first time

As I mentioned yesterday, there has been a late onset of hot weather after a strangely cool and wet start to summer. I had  read that one way to help a dog cool down is the use of a gel mat.

It was a surprise to see how quickly she got started on using the gel mat - because it was quite a bother to get Penny to adapt to it and she hardly ever used it.

At first Peppa lay near it. I had read that it's a good idea to show her that a new gel mat can be a nice place, where you find toys and treats, so I tossed a couple of Ziwi treats onto it.

That worked nicely, especially when I added her high-tech toy (the insert from a toilet roll.)

So, there she was lying on it within minutes.

And soon she was stretched out with her belly on the cooling surface.

Here's hoping she continues to use it.

Thursday, 30 December 2021

Hot weather

 The hot  weather has finally arrived, after a lovely cool spring and early summer. When Penny came to live with us - all those years ago - it was high summer, so we adapted to living with heat. Now that Peppa is here, we're having to think about how a lhasa apso might cope with heat. 

 Here is a lhasa apso site we've looked at: Lhasa Life

It's going to be a cool enough night, but it's predicted to be hot tomorrow. This article about dogs and hot weather has given us something to think about. It suggests one of the best way to cool down a hot dog is with tap water. We think we might deploy the paddling pool we bought for Penny in 2016, and see if Peppa will feel happy to paddle around. 


Here is Penny having fun in 2016.

Peppa, on the other hand, has conniptions when we bath her, so maybe she has a  general hatred of water. But she does love to feel a spray of water from a tap or hose and prefers to drink running water rather than still water in a bowl.

It's going to be fun trying out the pool. So nice to be able to get it out of the shed and remember happy times with Penny.

Tuesday, 21 December 2021

Lhasa apsos maybe don't have an interest in guarding fruit trees

 Peppa was sitting at the top of the steps on our back porch the other night, staring at something. I went over to see what it was, and she wandered away.

It was a giant rat, eating our pears on the  tree, so big I thought at first it might be a possum. But the skinny tail gave its identity away. It ran off into some of the bigger trees and along the fence, after I came close. 

Some guard dog. 

And today she sat in the same spot gazing at rainbow lorikeets as they nibbled more of the fruit. 


The tree is only a couple of metres high, and right alongside the railing. She could practically have snapped up the rat or the birds without even stretching! (Well, given that the rat was nearly as big as she is, I wouldn't actually want her to try, to be quite honest.)

When I came closer, the birds flew up into another tree and chitterted at me in annoyance until Peppa and I went inside and the cheeky birds could resume eating our pears. 

Friday, 8 October 2021

Puppy play during Covid lockdown

 Peppa is probably having an unusual puppyhood, given that the first months of her life are taking place in one of the longest lockdowns in the world. No puppy school for her. But since we're allowed to exercise outdoors (albeit of course wearing our masks), she's doing well.

We walk with her mini dachshund friend Bosun when we can, but it has taken a while for Peppa to grow up enough to visit parks without trying to strangle herself on her lead, and without jumping all over any dogs she meets. However, we're getting there.

She has at last walked with us off-lead, when we can find places that are not crammed with people and dogs taking that afore-mentioned opportunity to get out of the house. One new place we've found is a local school where the public is allowed to walk, seeing the students are doing home schooling. It's a terrific place, because it's completely fenced and has lots of different surfaces for her to walk on - grassed areas, asphalt, stony paths and soft mulch. I guess this is one positive aspect of the present troubles.

And today, for the first time, she met our nephew's puppy. We've been waiting for this opportunity - it was not possible when we were only allowed to travel five kilometres from home. But now, with the more relaxed travel rules, we finally did  it.

 The other pup is a mix, probably Border Collie and kelpie. A sweet-natured pup. By all accounts he's usually the submissive one in puppy play, but he's so much bigger than little Peppa that he could for once be on top in the roughhousing.

I would have felt a bit worried as the rough play went on and on and on, but it was obvious that Peppa and he were happy. Somewhere I've read that puppy play is okay if the two dogs are taking turns to be the one on top, and that was what was happening.