Wednesday, 31 August 2016

a dog as music connoisseur

Penny's recovering well from her strange limping problem, we hope. It's good to get her up and about as much as possible, with gentle exercise.


Am I hurt about what she does when I play the piano? Get up from her mat and take herself out of the house?

No, not at all...

Worst of all, she comes back in when I stop playing.

Monday, 8 August 2016

a new place to swim

Today Penny swam six laps at a new pool. It's at Greencross Vet Hospital at Narre Warren. For us it's quite a drive, about 50 Km each way, but well worth it if it enables Penny to stay in good health.

I think she could have swum more, but I thought we'd see how she pulls up after the exercise. It's evening now and so far so good.

The pool's not as fancy as the lovely one at Kepala, but the guy there said this new pool uses very little in the way of chemicals in the water, so that's a plus. I was also impressed that the use of a dryer was included in the price.

Sunday, 7 August 2016

Penny the super duper vet client

Penny needed x-rays to figure out what is going on with her awful limping. It felt bad last Friday to give her no breakfast, but of course, if she was going to be sedated for the x-rays, we had to do it.

But what do you know? When we picked her up the vet told us she was such an amazing client that he didn't even need to sedate her, because she lay so super still in each position.

What a champion.

Well, the results were inconclusive. No obvious spinal problems. Maybe some disk change.

It's all a worry, but at the moment she's walking well and seems happy. We're just going on short strolls rather than our usual walks, but that's okay, as long as she's getting better.

I'm going to check out another swimming place, because our usual one is closed for pool cleaning in August.

Monday, 1 August 2016

Penny and the swimming and Bowen therapy

With Penny getting older now, I'm super glad she learned early to enjoy swimming, because taking her for a swim in the lovely warm pool at Kepala Resort is a good way to help her deal with what we think is increasing arthritis.

We are also taking Penny for more frequent Bowen therapy at Bow Rei Me. 

And she's having a series of Cartrophen injections.

Here's hoping she improves. Maybe when warmer weather comes she will improve even more.

PS: While I was checking out the link to Bow Rei Me I saw a post about canine massage. I think I'll read it carefully and go and do some massage for Penny.