Friday, 21 March 2008

agility equipment that needn't cost the earth

Penny and I are inspired to get enthusiastic about tricks and agility again after I saw the two video clips posted by Johann lately. (It's been stiflingly hot here for weeks so we were a bit slack about everything, and Penny's been taking it easy so her stitches would heal well - which they did).

I was browsing local sites to see whether I could buy some proper agility poles cheaply and up popped a link to an old posting of my own on free agility equipment made from bits and pieces. I've been frustrated about that post, which was fun to write, because the photos keep disappearing. So I've had a third try at fixing them up. Let's hope they stay there this time!


Johann The Dog said...

We're behind on visiting! Glad you liked the vids. You asked about the clicker...Mum originally taught me the clicker by clicking and treating, but faded giving the treat right away over time.

That way I can continue to do the right thing (like on the agility course and such), still expecting the treat, know it's coming, but Mum doesn't have to give me one every time or right away. It helps in our training. She does make sure that she doesn't wait too long and I get really impatient for the treat!

Hope that makes sense?

Glad you are getting into some tricks and some agility, you'll both love it, just like we do, I think!

Woofs, Johann


parlance said...

Johann, it seems logical not to be giving treats at every click. I'm glad to have seen this idea in action. Thanks.