Monday, 3 November 2008

an assistance dog thinks of everything

Penny was resting at home today while I was sitting in the doctor's waiting room. In a new magazine - called, appropriately enough, Waiting Room - I read about a dog called Adonis who warns his owner of her imminent epileptic seizures. I can't give a link to Waiting Room itself, as it is a magazine only available to medical practitioners, but I did find the story of Adonis on the Net. (You have to click down three screens to find the story of Adonis.)

This is the part I loved - after alerting his owner, Alison Brennan, so that she could lie down and wait for help as she lapsed into unconsciousness,
Adonis opened the front door to let the ambulance officers in, dragged out his orange jacket identifying him as an 'assistance dog', brought over the house keys and picked up a backpack the officers assumed was his owner's overnight bag.

The ambulance raced Ms Brennan -- Adonis still by her side -- to a nearby hospital where it was discovered the assistance dog really had thought of everything. When the backpack was opened, it revealed, not a night-gown and toothbrush, but Adonis' favourite dog toys.


Ryan said...

Hi I just found your blog and wanted to say I really love your header at the top, good work.

Alison&Adonis said...

Hi. I just googled my name and found that you had written about my dog, Adonis, and I in your blog so I just wanted to say hi

parlance said...

Alison thanks for the visit. It's lovely to hear from you, as it makes the story more real to me and shows me the human (and canine!) face behind the story in the magazine.