Saturday, 8 May 2010

the cost of a pet dog

There was an article in The Age newspaper this week about the cost of having a pet dog. Daniella Miletic reported
Research by BankWest has revealed that after an initial average purchase of $647, the cost of caring for a dog over an average 10-year lifespan - including food, veterinary bills, trainers and grooming - comes to about $24,000.
If the newspaper article is still online it's worth a read, as it looks at the details of what we typically spend.

The point that interests me is that there has been a letter to the Editor in response to that article, a letter that I completely agree with. I think the letter sums up what living with a dog is about.

I'm going to hope I don't get into trouble for quoting the letter, but I think it should be okay as it's a public letter. Here's what it said:
Cheap at that price

SO IT costs $24,000 to have a dog for 10 years (''Four-legged friends prove priceless'', The Age, 5/5)? This is cheap, when you consider the alternative.

Try hiring the following, for 10 years: 1) a personal trainer to get you out walking even if it's cold and/or wet; 2) a therapist, to listen to all your troubles without judgment or criticism; 3) a security guard, to protect your home; 4) a physician, to lower your blood pressure and reduce your likelihood of suffering depression; 5) a spiritual guide, to help you find joy in simple pleasures like tossing a ball; and 6) a best friend, who is always there for you, giving you love and affection.
The letter's by Mervyn Robbins of Coburg.

Here's a link to the BankWest report.


Schwang said...

That followup letter is perfect! Though I feel like the actual price we end up paying is so much more than the estimates. Vet visits are so expensive our here..

Maggie and Mitch said...

Mom says we are well worth the price for all of the joy we give her and dad! Thanks, mom!

Love ya lots,
Maggie and Mitch

parlance said...

Schwang, it's a fabulous letter, isn't it!

parlance said...

Maaggie and Mitch, if you add in the cost of your internet connection, you can also say that you're worth the price for the joy you bring to your readers.