Friday, 24 December 2010

eating the knuckle bone days two and three

Penny worked on her big knuckle bone for a couple of hours yesterday afternoon.

And then, in the evening, she began hacking and coughing, pacing around from spot to spot and salivating. After a while I rang the emergency vet and they said I could come any time during the night.

I decided to stay up and watch her, because I thought perhaps she was nauseous - I did until about one in the morning and felt she was sleeping comfortably at that stage. I woke her and took her outside in case she wanted to eat grass, but she only spent a few minutes letting the possums know who's boss and went back inside.

Was the marrow in the bone too rich for her? I had a look around the net, but didn't find any answers. And I did do what Hsin-Yi suggested, on Honey's blog, which was to get the butcher to cut out the hard middle part of the bone where most of the marrow is.

Well, today she dug up the bone and worked on it again for about an hour (followed by fifteen minutes of deciding where to bury it and doing so).

So, here's hoping she's not uncomfortable tonight...

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Maggie and Mitch said...

We've never had a knuckle bone but mom does take the marrow out of the tubey bones that we get because if we eat too much marrow, we get the runs. UGH!
We hope you're doing okay with your bone today, Penny!

Love ya lots,