Sunday, 28 August 2011

dogs, mud and water in the Australian bush

Last time we went with Cindy's walking group to The Black Spur at Narbethong, it was wet.

Penny got muddy.

And guess what? It was still muddy today. Penny had great fun.

Four wheel drive vehicles have been along the road and have made some great ruts, just right for dogs to walk in, roll in, play in, chase in.

What a thrill it was to see Penny dashing around with the other dogs, given that this time last year she was crippled by a cruciate injury and we were waiting for surgery. I am so grateful to the surgeon, Dr Wing Tip Wong, who repaired her leg.

Here's how Penny looked after her adventures in the mud today.

I tried to convince her to clean up in a gorgeous little mossy creek, but to no avail. She sniffed around but I couldn't communicate the idea of laying herself down in the trickle of water. I'll have to brush up on my dog-speak!

She won't need too much dinner tonight, because along the way she dined on some delicious poo from a wombat. The great thing about being a a dog, of course, is that if your human is not quick, you get to not only eat great stuff like that in the Australian bush, but you also get to roll in it.

The idea is to roll so fast that even a camera can't catch the action, let alone a slow old human.

You might be wondering whether I let her back into the car after all this fun. Yes, I was kind to her, and didn't make her walk the eighty kilometres home. But we did stop for a long, long swim in a creek at Healesville.


Mary said...

So, did Penny get in the car before the swim?

Lassiter Chase and T said...

You sure looked like you had lots of fun in the mud. I don't think my Mommy would ever let me do that.

parlance said...

Mary, Healesville was halfway home, so I had to let her in the car - thank goodness for my waterproof cover in the back seat! After the swim I was more relaxed about her presence in the car.

parlance said...

Lassiter Chase, tell your mum that mud is really, really good fun!

Teal'c said...

Ahhhhh - the mud-monster pictures made me laugh!!!! That would have been just the walk Teal'c enjoys most, including the rolling in some really foul stuff... :) A dogs life! Maybe you should have a read our last blog entry about the doggy soap - I swear I posted it and then went to your blog ;)

Cheers Teal'c and his hooman

parlance said...

Teal'c's Mum, I'm coming right over to read about the soap!