Saturday, 26 November 2011

holidaying at Best Friend dog resort near Yarram

Penny has been away from home for a week, enjoying the magnificently dog-friendly resort at Best Friend Retreat at Tarra Valley, near Yarram.

Many places will accept dogs accompanying their humans, but at Best Friend the dogs are the guests and their humans the companions! Dogs must never be left alone. So humans take the dogs everywhere with them - unless they want their dog to spend the day in the reportedly luxurious kennels. (We didn't use them, so I can't describe them.)

Our trip was organised by Cindy, who had a birthday while we were there, so of course we had a party. The barbecue area is great for parties, because the dogs can come in with the humans, but we thought they should stay out in the little fenced yards until we had cooked the meat - for obvious reasons.

Tarra Valley is not far from the pristine Ninety Mile Beach, where dogs are allowed off-lead, so each morning we set off for long, long walks.

Ninety Miles of doggy bliss!

(More about Penny's holiday in the next post...)


Stewey said...

Wow Penny - that is a great beach! I would love to run around on that beach!

parlance said...

But Stewey, your lovely clothes would get dirty, lol!

Lassiter Chase and Benjamin said...

Mommy hopes the seating area to eat the barbeque foods wasn't at the table and chairs pictured inside the fenced in area where the picture of the dogs was taken. I on the other paw, hope the seating area for the barbque WAS inside the fenced in area...that way, us dogs could clean up any barbeque foods that happen to fall off the humans plates.

parlance said...

Lassiter Chase, you are actually both correct. While we were cooking the meat, the dogs stayed in the little pens, but it started to rain, so they came into the seating area with us and sat around staring soulfully at us in the hope we would share the party food with them.

Slavenka said...

Really a wonderful place for walking with dogs.

parlance said...

Slavenka, it was indeed wonderful and I consider myself lucky to have gone there.