Monday, 2 January 2012

frozen food and tricks

Now that the hot weather has finally hit, it's time to think of some entertainment in the house.

For one thing, I've frozen half a can of food for Penny to eat tonight. (My favorite brand is ZiwiPeak, from New Zealand.

And I made a discovery. I just can't throw anything out, and those little tinfoil patty pans that Christmas mince pies come in looked as if they might be useful. I was planning to try putting them around seedlings because I've heard that snails don't like sliding over the metallic feel of aluminium foil. But in the present heat I think the reflected heat would cook the little plants.

But the foil pans are just the right size to cover a half-used can of dog food.

And I think it might be just the weather to practise some tricks in the house instead of being outside in the heat. I don't know if we could conquer such a demanding one as Johann's 'suitcase trick', though.


Stewey said...

You have hot weather, and I have cold snowy weather! I love to run
around the yard in the snow :)

parlance said...

Stewey, I think Penny would probably like snow if we had it, because she loves mud and water.

Baylor said...

Thanks for stopping by my site! I can't wait to read and catch up on your blog! Yea!

From Baylor's person: Yes, I know the story of K is hard, but KB is such an amazing photographer and her four leggers are amazing - not to mention all of the wildlife she captures! Her blog is one of my "must read every morning' blogs. It reminds me of home....

Bark at ya later!