Tuesday, 22 May 2012

a dog waits for the command to eat

Penny has always waited for a release command before starting her food, and she will also allow us to take the bowl away during her meal - probably because that only happens when we are adding to her meal, because we've forgotten something that was supposed to be in the bowl.

But she sure gives us those 'puppy eyes' to tell us to get on with the job if we make her wait too long.

I can't usually get such candid shots of her, because she doesn't like the big 'eye' of the camera pointing at her, and usually turns her head away. I got this clear shot by using a phone instead of a camera.

I've mentioned previously that I really like this new bowl, which I bought from The Cup & Mug, because it's solidly made, and easy to keep clean. 

You can see how it didn't move shift on the floor when Penny changed position to clean up those pesky little bits of food that escaped down the side of the bowl.


curator said...

She waits for a command before eating? Boy...we have got some work to do with Briardog.

parlance said...

Poor Penny was our first dog, so we got all our learning out of books, and the books said to train her to wait for food. The rest is history. It's a pity there wasn't a chapter about not scoffing all food found on the street when we're out walking...