Tuesday, 26 June 2012

dog walking near Narbethong

Last weekend Penny joined lots of other dogs for a long walk on a bush track near Narbethong. (Don't you just love that name?)

We've been there before, so I was prepared for the red mud. (Sorry about the awful quality of the photos, but it was tricky to keep my footing in the slippery mud while taking pictures with my phone.)

Sure enough, Penny had great fun getting muddy. And that was fine.

A couple of us walked more slowly than the others and lost sight of them, but there was no difficulty finding the way. Paw prints in the mud!

When I saw a nice little stream flowing into a nice little pool by a nice little grassy spot, I suggested to Penny that she jump in, swim a little and get nice and clean.

It cleaned off the red mud beautifully!

Hmm... what to do with the black dog?

Well, we stopped for a delicious cream-cake at the Beechworth Bakery in Healesville and Penny had a second swim, this time in the fast-flowing creek, and she came out clean! (It's lucky that she's willing to swim in any weather.)


Hound Girl said...

I love the last muddy pic! Haylie loves water and mud, we dont have any really muddy places but I wouldnt hesitate to take her to any of them. This is a great experience for dogs!

parlance said...

Hound Girl, mud is great! (In fact, I remember from my own childhood how pleasant it is.) Our dogs are so helpful at reminding us about the good things in life.

Lassiter Chase and Benjamin said...

Did you say cake! Yum!

Slavenka said...

Like you said Parlance,mud is great.

parlance said...

Lassie and Benjie, CHOCOLATE cream cake! Sorry - none for doggies.

Lilli said...

Hi there!

I've just finished reading your older posts and I am now starting to follow your updates.

You have such a lovely blog and there's so many interesting information in it. I've learnt so much already. And lots of interesting links too. I must go back to some of them because I didn't have time to read any of them yet :)

Have a nice winter there! Here at Finland it's supposed to be summer now but it's very cold (only +15Celsius at the moment again) and rainy. Hopefully it will soon get warmer and sunnier. We would really much like that after very cold and very snowy winter :D


parlance said...

Oh, how nice to get a visitor from Finland! I'll be looking forward to reading your blog.

Johann The Dog said...

Here's to letting dogs be dogs!!! Love that our Mum's let us do that, right Penny? Thanks for stopping by and wishing me happy 8th. Time sure flies when you're having fun!

parlance said...

Johann, you are so right - we have to let dogs do doggy things, even if it can sometimes be a bit of a bother.