Saturday, 4 August 2012

visiting the park without the dog

Penny gave my legs a good sniffing when I came home from Darebin Parklands this afternoon. I could read her mind: 'What were you doing in one of my favorite places without me'?

Let's hope that next time I go down there Penny will be with me. We went for a little stroll around the block today, and up our grassy back lane. Her foot was bandaged, and miraculously the bandage didn't fall off, even though I forgot to follow proud womon's advice to put a sock over the bandage.

We'd better get some more walks happening soon, because the lying around is starting to give Penny some bad hair days.

The reason I was in the park without Penny? I was learning about edible weeds.  Can I now identify lots of these useful plants?

Hmm... maybe.


Mary said...

I'd say it was the windswept look but she hasn't been out much.

parlance said...

Mary, I'd say it's the bored-and-sleepy look.