Saturday, 15 September 2012

a dog eats grass after vomiting

Penny was in luck today - she had three walks. The last one was an impromptu stroll down the overgrown laneway running between two local streets. I've asked the council if they would refrain from spraying poisons there and, wonderfully, they don't. They mow it four times a year. We wouldn't be happy to walk there in snake season, but this early in a still-cool spring, it feels safe.

I was struck by the beauty of dandelion seedheads and crouched to take some photos while Penny wandered further along the lane. Silly me. Penny never goes far away unless there's food involved. Well, she would call it food. We're more inclined to refer to her favorite snacks as disgusting rubbish.

So, I'm busy enjoying the beauty of nature:

Then I notice Penny, also, is busy enjoying something.

Oh, yes. Some delicious mouldy bread.

I race down, we have a brief tug of war, after which Penny graciously (not!) surrenders the rest of the bread and we move on.

Of course, Penny throws up. Thank goodness for that. The bread was disgusting.

Why do our neighbours think it's a good idea to toss discarded bread into the lane?

And then Penny starts eating grass. Definitely after she'd thrown up.

I've previously seen her eat grass before throwing up, but this is the first time I can definitely say it was post-vomiting and that she didn't subsequently throw up again.

She seems okay now (about five hours later) after a small meal, mainly cooked rice. Here's hoping her own system has dealt with the revolting snack.


Oskar said...

We just can't help ourselves when it comes to disgusting things to eat!

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Nubbin wiggles,

parlance said...

Hi, Oskar
I think we used to talk to each other some time back, and I still keep an eye on your blog, even though I don't comment. I'd love to be featured, so I will drop you a line. BTW, my next blog post will be about another Oscar.

Honey the Great Dane said...

That looks like a lovely walk! :-) Love the way the light looks in your photos...

And glad that Penny seems to have recovered and her tummy settled. I have say, Honey eats grass so often and often retches up bits of bile or whatever that we tend to just ignore it now - unless she is acting "sick" as well! :-)


parlance said...

Hsin-Yi, Penny seems fine tonight (one day later), so that's good. The reason I posted about it was that it's the first time I've been sure the eating of grass came after the vomiting. Glad you liked the photos!