Monday, 23 September 2013

little children can confuse dogs

Our little visitor has become more relaxed with Penny around, and now likes Penny to be in the room with her.

Which is great. We believe it's good for children to be calm around dogs. But we're also aware that a two-year-old doesn't understand that even the most placid dog needs guidance at times as to how to behave.

If you look at this photo of Penny, I think you'll agree that she's looking a bit worried. Her tail is tucked under and her ears are flat.

In the second photo, she has moved to the other side of the little visitor, possibly getting away from the child's attention, and isn't sure whether it's okay to play with her toys. Her head is tilted and she's looking at me to check what's going on.

In the final photo she has relaxed. 

It's wonderful to have our delightful little visitor, and I'm glad she and Penny are getting along so well. But we won't be taking our eyes off Penny for even a moment while there's a toddler in the room with her.


Oskar said...

You are so very smart the way you are handling this!

Nubbin wiggles,

parlance said...

Oskar, so far so good...