Saturday, 9 August 2014

a new place to rest when walking with Penny

There's a great new children's playground in Warringal Parklands, and we are careful to stay away from it, because it says, 'NO DOGS'. Fair enough. I agree that parents should have a place where their children can play, secure in the knowledge there won't be doggie poo on the ground or dogs running around, even on leash.

However...we've made the astonishing discovery that dogs ARE allowed in one part of this area, and there is food to be had! Food for humans, that is. Penny can find food anywhere, of course - mouldy chips, old MacDonalds hamburgers, possum poo, discarded chop bones. For her, every walk is a delightful gourmet delight.

At Warringal, there is now human food. And dogs can go into the area with tables and chairs.

When we approached along the bicycle path, I was excited to see this sign:

And this menu:

The opening times are good:

And to top off the experience for the humans, there is a selection of training equipment for adults outside the fence that encloses the huge array of equipment for children from littlies to teenagers.

I had a try of this walking machine, but I wasn't too good at it. I'll be back to try it out again.


Mitch and Molly said...

This looks like a fun spot for both you and your mom, Penny, and they have ice cream ☺

Love ya lots♥
Mitch and Molly

H.Y. Hanna (Big Honey Dog Mysteries) said...

Aw, Penny looks so cute on her little blanket! :-)

What a great spot. I have to say, though, that I do find it annoying when I see people bringing their dogs into those playground areas with the "No Dogs" signs. Not because I think dogs should be allowed - I agree with you that I think there should be dog-free areas for children & parents who aren't keen on dogs - but rather that those people are breaking the rules and then if anything happens, it'll tar the rest of us dog owners with the same brush. We end up suffering coz the next step is usually banning dogs completely from the park. All because some selfish people broke the rules and ruined it for everyone else!! :-(

Oops - sorry - didn't mean to go on a rant! :-) But that is one of my biggest peeves - irresponsible dog owners who don't pick up poo or take their dogs into obviously banned places or let their dogs behave badly, esp around children - as dog owners, we're already treated like 2nd class citizens and they're just confirming all the negative perceptions about us!

Anyway, I'll stop ranting now. Hope you & Penny had a great time. :-)


parlance said...

Hsin-Yi, lovely to hear from you. I'm looking forward to your next novel!

parlance said...

Mitch and Molly, trust you to notice the ice creams!