Monday, 16 March 2015

solution to the free acrostic puzzle

I've realised I forgot to tell you the solution to the free acrostic I posted on January 30. Apologies for taking so long!

By the way, we're not sure whether to  call this a crostic, an anacrostic, or even an acrostic. But who cares? The puzzle's the thing, not the terminology. (I hope you agree.)

Here it is:

The short extract from this enjoyable book was:
The grey tabby disappeared into a towering bush, which seemed to have grown straight into the back wall of the house. Looking closer, Honey realised that it in fact concealed a huge gap where the crumbling wall had fallen away.

And the details:
A - homologue
B - yew
C - hedgehog
D - Australian silky terrier
E - nymph
F - neglect
G - a cheetah
H - cavalier King Charles spaniel
I - upbeat
J - Rin Tin Tin
K - show
L - ebb
M - ohh
N - flew
O - To Say Nothing of the Dog
P - hatch
Q - etude
R - swab
S - chat
T - a watt
U - Red Wolf
V - a wag
W - bearded collie

You'll notice that the first letters of the solutions, reading down, spell out the name of the author and the title of the novel.

I hope you had fun if you did it!

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