Saturday, 4 April 2015

Penny is quite laid back about an exciting encounter

Today, as we were walking in a nearby park, we saw a dog approaching - and he looked like Penny.

Now, you have to understand - no dogs look like Penny! People are always asking us what breed she is, and we say, she's a 'bitser'. That's Aussie slang for a dog who's 'a bit of this and a bit of that'.

But this dog looked like her!

Ever-so-casually, I said to the woman with him, 'What breed is your dog?'

She replied, 'He's maltese/shih-tsu/poodle.'

My heartbeat sped up. That's what we think Penny is. I said, 'Did you buy him from your vet?'

'Yes!" she exclaimed.

OMG! This was Penny's brother. When we decided to get our first-ever dog, we didn't know whether we could cope with two dogs, as beginners. We paid for Penny and left her to grow a little older with the one remaining litter mate, but said that if he was unsold when we returned for her, we would take him too. We had mixed feelings when we heard someone had bought him.

It was wonderful to know he has a loving home and is happy.

Penny's named after the copper coin, because of her puppy colouring, but has long since become a blonde. He, on the other hand, is still coppery. When you see them together, the difference is plain.

It was such a happy and exciting meeting that I can't resist posting lots of photos.


Mitch and Molly said...

How exciting for you, Penny! We hope you made plans to get together again soon!

Love ya lots♥
Mitch and Molly

proud womon said...

what a wonderful encounter parlance!!! you have to wonder if penny and the boy (you didn't mention his name) had any inkling they were long-separated siblings...

parlance said...

Mitch and Molly, it was indeed exciting! I think we'll see him again, now we know where he sometimes walks. We'll be on the lookout!

parlance said...

proud womon, you've asked the question that was in our minds also. Surely, having grown up together for the first couple of months of their lives, they should remember each other? They seemed more interested in the humans who came along as we chatted, which I now think might be a family trait. Penny appears to think she's a human and doesn't spend any time socialising with dogs if there are people to 'talk' to.

I didn't mention his name because I didn't know whether I had his human's permission to do so. It's a cute name and suits him well, I can tell you that much, lol.