Thursday, 21 May 2015

dogs and vegemite

Penny could have told Jimmie Fallon how to eat vegemite on toast, without seeing Hugh Jackman do so.

She, like any true-blue Aussie dog, loves her toast with vegemite. (Or peanut butter, for that matter.)

Even if her humans are miserly with the bread. (Bread isn't really good for her.) That's her teensy piece on the edge of the plate.

But she's willing to go through her routine of tricks to see which one will be randomly rewarded on this occasion. She usually does a couple of spins, one direction after another, to see whether that earns a response, then backs away, tries a short 'speak', takes a bow, or gets up on her hind legs (wonderful to see she can do this now, after her cruciate surgery five years ago).

Today, it was the hind legs raise that got the tiny reward.


proud womon said...

she is sooo very beautiful... and yes, petey loves both vegemite and peanut butter too...

Mitch and Molly said...

Believe it or not, I, Mitch, have had Vegemite, Penny! Our friends, Denise and Bryan came all the way from Australia to visit us one spring and they brought us some vegemite! Guess what? Mom put too much on her toast the first time too and it was very salty. We describe it tasting like beef bouillon. You definitely have to acquire a taste for it.

Love ya lots♥

parlance said...

proud womon, I'm glad to know you are 'raising' petey correctly, lol.

parlance said...

Mitch, I'm amazed. I guess you might have liked it, because that salty taste sure gets the saliva running into our mouths.