Sunday, 9 October 2016

the eastern paralysis tick

Up until now we haven't worried about ticks attacking Penny, because they had not been reported in Melbourne. However, when we holidayed at Best Friend Retreat we put tick prevention on Penny, because we had heard the creatures were gradually encroaching into Victoria along the coast from the east. Penny had a bad reaction to Advantix, so I won't be using it again.

Which leaves us with a dilemma, because by all accounts the eastern paralysis tick has made it to Melbourne now. I guess we'll have to have her coat clipped shorter this year, and we'll have to check her regularly in the tick season.

We do have a tick removal tool, which a family traveller brought back from NewYork. We thought it was just a novelty until now, and when we looked at it, we'd feel so smug that we don't have to worry about ticks. What a pity we've now joined the majority of dog owners in having another thing to watch out for!

I've read that dog owners should keep the vegetation clipped in their yard. Not a hope of that here, because our garden is based on the 'food forest' concept.


Molly and Mackie said...

Bummer, Penny. Ticks are evil! We use Frontline Plus.

parlance said...

Thanks, Molly and Mackie. We do have that product on sale here, so I'll have a look at it.

Lassiter Chase and Benjamin said...

Ticks are worse than squirrels!

parlance said...

Lassie and Benji, I hope we never find out how bad ticks are! I hope Penny never meets one.