Friday, 18 November 2016

dogs and bug poisons

It mystifies me why anyone would want to kill the bugs that share this planet with us, but I guess we are all different. Our garden is run on organic principles and we aim to have a variety of plants that will attract birds and bugs to keep the 'bad' bugs under control.

Imagine my dismay, therefore, when I saw a guy getting ready to spray bifenthrin all around a home near us. When I confronted him - politely, I hope - he said the homeowner needs to get rid of the ants and spiders on her property.

Get rid of all ants and spiders? Wow! Armageddon for insects and arachnids.

And, in the long run, death for every fish in the local waters, danger for local cats, and - sadly - eventual death for birds, as they gorge on the dying insects.

In the long run, of course. All these effects won't be immediate. And as long as it's rare for anyone to create a kill-zone in their garden, I guess the results will be minor and will be dealt with by Mother Earth.

But what about Penny? She's been locked inside the house all day, with all windows closed, and she's desperate to go out to relieve herself, so as soon as I finish typing we'll hop into the care and walk somewhere distant from our now poisoned street.

Here's an interesting and informative site that discusses bug sprays from a vet's perspective.

And here's a toxipedia article that I found helpful.

You know what? That house nearby will soon have lots of new spiders and ants as the local survivors move in to their garden.

By the way, it's deadly for bees.

And bad for cats.


Molly and Mackie said...

We are not into killing bugs or spiders either but the peeps do use wasp spray when the wasps are buzzing around a spot where they need to work. Our dad is allergic to bees.

parlance said...

It's so scary to be allergic to bees. What a pity.

They do a great job at helping plants to form the fruit we eat, though.

curator said...

Hi Parlance, I thought I'd stop by and give my best to you and Penny. My goodness, why would anyone spray anything that hurt bees, regardless of the main task??

parlance said...

curator, you are so right! It should be illegal to use a spray that kills our precious bees.