Sunday, 13 August 2017

turmeric for dogs

It's been a while since I blogged. Life has been ambling along okay, with Penny having to deal with some arthritis, a leg that has a torn cruciate ligament and some skin issues, but basically she is happy and enjoying life.

I thought I'd do a post today to tell about our experiment with turmeric. A local shop has opened, run by a naturopath for dogs, and we've been keen to try feeding Penny a raw diet, as she used to have.

The other thing that was suggested by the naturopath is that we try turmeric for her increasing number (and size) of lipomas. One of them is rather big and in a place where it might need surgery, which at Penny's age would be a very unpleasant option.

The turmeric we are feeding her is in the form of Golden Paste. We were supposed to start with a small dose, to see how she reacts to it, but we forgot that instruction and started straight away with the recommended dose of 3/4 teaspoon per five kilos of weight.

So far so good.
The good  thing is that this medication should help with her allergies and her arthritic also.


Molly the AireGirl said...

Mom has turmeric supplements for herself but she's never shared them with me. hummmmm I hope it works for you, Penny!

parlance said...

Molly, I checked with my vet and he said at least it wouldn't do any harm. He's a conventional vet, so I didn't get the idea he thought it would do any good either, but I thought it was worth a try.

curator said...

Hi Parlance. I hope this finds you and Penny both well. I know how hard it is to confront the passing of time with our pets (and, let's face it, ourselves). I'm looking at Elizabeth right now wondering if her beautiful face isn't a little grayer round the mouth than I recall! Sending you warmest thoughts and friendship.

parlance said...

curator, Penny's out at the moment walking in the park with my sister, so she's still able to enjoy life! I agree with what you say about our pets. I hope Elizabeth, also, is enjoying life to the full.