Tuesday, 21 November 2017

dogs eating grass

Penny is a regular grass eater, so we let lots of weedy grass grow in our yard, but in particular we have one long pot of so-called 'cat and dog grass' for her to use.

About a year ago I bought a pot of 'pet grass' and then researched it online, finally coming to the conclusion that I shouldn't have purchased it because it's an allergen for dogs.

By January this year, however,  I concluded that it had been a good purchase, because she's made good use of the grass.

So today I noticed the grass is in bloom.

I've cut off the seedheads. The grass may die, I suppose, now that it has bloomed. But I'll certainly buy another pot of it, if so.

The grass is dactylis glomerata. 


Molly the AireGirl said...

Molly loves to eat grass too - she's not fussy what kind she eats. I have to be careful on her walks that she leaves the fertilized grass alone.

parlance said...

I agree about the fertilised grass. Thank goodness, Penny mainly dines on grass in our own yard and we garden as chemical-free as possible. We're mostly organic.