Saturday, 17 February 2018

dogs make us take note of interesting things

Penny and I had a look at the new bicycle path that is soon to open between Kew and Ivanhoe. We've seen both ends of it now, from Willsmere in Kew, to Ivanhoe.

In writing this blog post, I've come across the startling fact that people in Alphington won't be a able to get onto the path. Amazing. How could so much money - 18 million dollars -  be spent on the path and then not allow one whole suburb to access  it?

However, I do see that there is a suggestion of an entry in the future from Alphington.

At any rate, Penny and I are fortunate to be coming in  from either the Kew end or the Ivanhoe end.

When we set off, from Ivanhoe, we passed under a tree that we've never taken any notice of before.

But what were these things on the ground that seemed to look like tennis balls? Penny, of course, wasn't fooled, because they sure didn't smell like tennis balls. 

But I had to have a second look. 

OMG! Osage orange. I once spent ages trying to source one of these trees, because I was keeping silkworms in my classroom and the students needed lots of leaves. We were running out of mulberry leaves and I knew osage orange could be used as well. And there was this tree, right near the school!

Oh, well...

Penny was more interested in meeting other park-goers. 

We headed off along the new path, but Penny wasn't too keen to walk. We're never quite sure whether this happens because of her arthritis, or because it's nearly dinner-time. 

When we turned for home, she led the way by a long shot. 


Molly the AireGirl said...

I would have given those osage oranges a sniff too to make sure they weren't tennis balls, Penny! A new walking path is wonderful!

Lassiter Chase and Benjamin said...

Wow who knew that tennis balls grew on trees? Lol. We saw a tree like that before, didnt know what the green balls were. Thanks for figuring out the mystery.

curator said...

What a lovely path. I wish I could walk down it with you and Penny.

parlance said...

Thanks, curator, Lassie and Benji, and Molly. I'm looking forward to the path being complete, but of course then it will be a fast bicycle track. But I'm sure we will cope.

Arran, Arthur and Mum said...

Since she seemed fine running back, I'd guess dinner. hehe.
Ludo was also very strong willed and would refuse to walk if we weren't going where he wanted to. Like if he knew he was near a good swimming spot.
Hope the arthritis isn't troubling her though.
Can you eat those fruit?

parlance said...

Hey, Arran, Arthur and Mum, what a great question. I had always thought this tree was poisonous (did a quick internet search in the early days of the internet), and that's why I wouldn't plant it in my schoolyard. I still wouldn't plant it after reading this site.

But, wow! What an interesting fruit it is.

BTW, what a nice memory of Ludo. I think it's great that our dogs are able to express their personalities.