Monday, 10 December 2018

December with my dog

I'm surprised to see I haven't posted any updates on Penny's day-to-day life since October 6th. Where did October and November go?

Anyway, there is one thing to report for November - Penny had a long-overdue haircut. Here she is, energised after the visit to her lovely groomer, Gabby.

Penny has never been fond of being groomed, but when I took her for a walk prior to going into the salon, she tugged me down the driveway into Gabby's place. That's what I call 'voting with your feet'! Gabby has a gift for making Penny relaxed and happy.

It had been cool for November, so I covered her with a blanket the first couple of nights, as she has quite a thin coat.

I didn't have to do that for long. December arrived with a vengeance, and hot, hot weather landed on us. It was too hot, even at night, to walk, so I drove to Kepala to give her a swim. I loaded up a big container of  water in a cooler in case the car broke down, because I don't think she could deal with 38°C these days. She was panting in the back seat, even with the air conditioner going, but we got there safely after the 50 minute drive.

It was worth it.

The rules specify that humans are not allowed past the blue line, so I took that as a definite instruction to wade in up to the blue line. (When I wasn't taking a break in the shaded hut.)

It's not only about keeping cool. The benefits of swimming are wonderful for old dogs with joint problems. Look at how she stretches her limbs when she swims.


Molly the Airedale said...

Your haircut looks beautiful, Penny, and you look like you are really enjoying your swim!

curator said...

Had to swing by for a long overdue hi - and what a lovely treat to see Penny's new style and lovely swim! I wish I could be there with her! (I know, no humans allowed.) Affectionately, Curator

parlance said...

Hi, curator! I visit your blog frequently, via Feedly, but these days I don't always comment. I love your posts. Thanks for calling by here.

parlance said...

Molly, thanks for the visit. Please don't be annoyed with me, but I do think you looked great in your antlers. Maybe you'll wear them again next year?