Tuesday, 28 October 2008

Dogs also can celebrate the Melbourne Cup

Today at K9 Kompany we competed in the K9 Kompany Kup, in celebration of the upcoming Melbourne Cup, our famous horse race.
And Penny won!

Here she is sitting proudly with the precious goblet.

Then she decided to check it out to see if there might be a treat in it.

And there was one - what a great reward for a wonderful effort.

Though perhaps I should admit that there were only two dogs in the races and that Penny has been attending K9 four times longer than her competitor. But dogs haven't heard of 'the level playing field' so we can celebrate without any qualms.


Ross Hill said...

Congratulations :)

parlance said...

Thanks, Ross. I visited your blog and it reminded me that we shouldn't forget the important topics that were raised on Blog Action Day.