Wednesday, 8 October 2008

Penny's clustrmap after one year of blogging

Penny doesn't know how many people have visited her blog in the first year of its existence - and, let's face it, maybe she doesn't actually care all that much. Life is satisfactory as long as her bowl has interesting food in it; walks have lots of places to sniff; humans dispense treats from crinkly plastic bags; and the squirrels (whoops! must have been indoctrinated by Rusty - I meant possums) stay up in the trees.

However, I'll admit I love looking at the red dots on my map. I study the far-flung dots and wonder what it must be like to live in those places.; I look at the nearby ones and memorise the dogs so I'll recognise them if I see them. (Now, that's really dreaming, from someone with a memory like mine!)

[Thursday 9th: I woke up a couple of minutes ago in the middle of the night and thought, 'What was I talking about in that post? You can't memorise dogs when you're looking at dots!]

So I feel a bit disappointed that my red dots have to be archived after a year. Maybe one day I'll be so experienced that the archiving of my red dots will be a ho-hum moment. But not yet...

So, I've included my old map on the right-hand side of my blog, below the new one.


Slavenka said...

In the virtual world we are all so close to each other.

parlance said...

Slavenka, that is so true. I guess it's through blogging that I have come to realise that real people live in the places that I only see through newspaper reports and that they are just like me in what they need and want out of life.
We've only got this one planet to share, so we have to look after it.

chasingsquirrelswithrusty said...

The cluster maps are cool. You should get a free guest book like mone then you can see the faces of everyone who will leave a picture for you! There won't be as many pictures as red dots, so maybe keep them both!


parlance said...

Rusty, that seems like a lovely idea. i'll have a look at your guest book and see if there's some html to embed in my blog, if that's the way it works.