Friday, 13 February 2009

a boring but thankfully safe day today

Penny has been outside a few times in the hope of some human activity but I'm sitting inside away from the smoke that has blown over metropolitan Melbourne today. By some trick of the wind, we didn't get a lot of smoke from the dreadful fires of last weekend.
Of course, everyone's nervous, so the Country Fire Authority (CFA) site has a reassuring message that most of the smoke seen today is from burns that are intended to deprive the fires of fuel.
Smoke Information
Metropolitan Melbourne
The fires around Melbourne are generating a large amount of smoke. Residents in metropolitan Melbourne are advised that due to extent of bushfires around Victoria in the past week, they may be experiencing increased smoke from both going fires and fire suppression activities being undertaken by DSE and CFA fire crews.

Winds from either the north or east are likely to bring smoke into Melbourne. The smoke may be more noticeable at night or early morning when overnight inversions trap the smoke near ground level.
All day the light has been yellow, but Penny doesn't care. She wants to go somewhere.

She doesn't know how lucky she is to be bored. I was listening to the radio yesterday, which was broadcast from Warburton, a town waiting to know if the fires would swing around - they haven't, thank God - and the interviewer wished each person a boring day the next day. That's today, and so far, it's been quiet.

Not quiet, of course, for the people sitting by the bedsides of burn victims, or preparing funeral services, or sifting through the ashes of their homes.

I know how lucky we are. And I think constantly of those who will need help in the short term and in the long term.


happy said...

Glad to hear you're safe there. Stay safe now!

Maggie and Mitch said...

We think of you all the time and pray that you stay safe! We also pray that these fires are behind you very soon! This is so scary!

Love ya lots,
Maggie and Mitch

parlance said...

Thanks, Happy and Maggie and Mitch.
It's lovely to hear that others are thinking of us.

Totally Timmy said...

I'm from Canada and our news has been showing the devastation that the fires caused. It must be very scary not knowing what will happen next.

Tina & Teddy said...

So glad to hear that You and Penny are fine...seems the fires have subsided... continued prayers on behalf of you and your neighbors in Warburton...and of course for those that have been victims...

Charlie said...

We hope this weekend and coming week continue to be boring!
- Charlie

Noah the Airedale said...

This has been an absolute disaster. We heard yesterday that 1 million animals both domestic and native have been lost in these fires on top of the huge loss of human life and property. 1700 homes destroyed...just unbelievable. Bryan and I know the area so well. It's one of our favourite parts of this country. What a shame.

Denise x

parlance said...

Noah, that's so sad. A million innocent animals, on top of the cruel loss of life of human families.

Not to mention the terrible trauma of flooding in the North. I hope you're not affected by that.

parlance said...

Timmy, and Teddy, I hope the fires don't flare up next week! Let's hope for a boring summer - and autumn.

parlance said...

Charlie, I'm praying!