Monday, 2 February 2009

dogs and the joy of running

Walks are one thing. Pretty good fun. But running...ah, that is sheer joy for Penny. So I thought I'd find lots of good pictures of her racing across the grass in various places if I searched our 'canine archives', but there are surprisingly few. Surprisingly few in focus - for reasons that relate to my photographic skills and Penny's speed.

I'm looking for photos because Rusty suggested that on Saturday next we bloggers have a 'joy of running' day.I want to take part because it will be fun. But also because it's a message that needs to be sent to 'them'. Those who want to see our dogs walking along beside us all the time on short leads, obedient, constricted, restrained, dominated, leashed... Oh, I could go on for hours seeking the right phrases to express the only way 'they' think a dog should interact with humans.

Not that I don't agree that dogs need to be taught to walk quietly on lead. To interact calmly with humans of any age.

But sometimes they need to run. And we need to make sure our city planners don't take away our right to run off-lead.

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