Monday, 6 April 2009

dogs and bears

There's an interesting show on the SBS site at the moment, about the use of Karelian Bear Dogs to manage the interaction of bears and humans in Japan. I don't know how long the show will be on the site, though. As I mentioned yesterday, you need to click on 'Watch full Episodes' and scroll down to the program you want to watch.

With humans encroaching further into bears' habitats in Japan, there is an increasing number of fatal outcomes for bears or people. This program shows how Karelian Bear dogs have been imported into Japan to help keep bears away from humans.

I have to warn you there was one very sad part of the show when a bear was given a lethal injection. I felt sad but I was struck by the atmosphere of sorrow and respect shown by the media as well as the woidlife rangers as the procedure took place.

Here's a report on the use of these dogs in the US for a similar program.

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