Thursday, 9 April 2009

found objects as agility equipment for dogs

Because Penny and I have so much fun doing agility at K9 Kompany, I'd forgotten about collecting weave poles for home agility sessions. But yesterday I noticed this lovely pole sitting forlorn on the nature strip, just waiting to start life once again as a useful object. (Presumably it used to have a rich and satisfying career suporting an electric lamp, or maybe even a fan.)

So, I grabbed it and added it to my collection of weird weave poles.

Which reminds me to mention a wonderful group I belong to, called Darebin Freecycle. It's part of a world-wide movement called, which aims to to keep stuff out of landfill. The idea is that you give away what you don't need and ask for what you do. It sounds simple, and it is. I've given away things that are cluttering up our house and it's good to know someone is using them. As we all know, one woman's junk is another woman's treasure -as the above photo proves!


Gussie said...

It would also be good for sendaway type games! I sometimes use the traffic cones that turn up in our local park (left there by local yoof).

parlance said...

Gussie, I thought of using the pole for an activity we do called "around", where Penny has to go away from me, around the pole and return. I think that might be what you mean by sendaway".