Thursday, 25 March 2010

how lovely is the evening in Darebin Parklands

This morning Penny stayed at home while I went down to help with maintenance of the exquisite little gem that is the Hidden Valley in Darebin Parklands. Penny doesn't go there often, as it is in the on-lead area and I can't see the point in making her walk on lead when there are lovely areas on the other side of the creek where she can run free.

We worked with one of the rangers, who showed us how to weed by hand around the indigenous plants. She explained that we don't need to hand weed everywhere, because she can use specific sprays to target broadleaved weeds near grasses.

This evening, we went with Penny to the on-lead side of the creek to look at the grasses and lomandra that we planted in August of 2008. The broad-leaved spray has been used there. Here's a picture from my blog post at the time of the baby plants.

And look at them now!

Here's a shot of the effect of the broad-leaved weedkiller. The weed has died but the lovely grasses are unaffected.

Isn't it a beautiful spot? The next photo's blurry because it was after sunset and taken on a long exposure. Of course, a human and a dog having fun are never still enough for the photographer...

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