Thursday, 8 April 2010

dog training at night

Penny's finding that attending classes at night in the open, in the scary, scary dark, is quite different from working inside a building.

We're having great fun, and Penny is learning that it's not necessary to throw a wobbly every time someone walks past our training spot. It's great to see that in only two weeks she's learned to deal with ambient noise and passing strangers, and can pay close attention to me as we work.

(I'd like to thank Cody's mum for every one of the photos on tonight's blog!)

The darkness didn't slow her down going through the lovely new tunnel.

But there certainly is a scary effect when dogs are photographed in the dark!

We had a race to see who could put the most toys into a bucket.

Penny would have done quite well if she hadn't made a few withdrawals as well as deposits.

I'll have to admit our opponent ran rings around us!


curator said...

What fun photos (and an interesting look at dog obedience at night). And what a smart Penny!

doozer said...

I'm working on getting an external flash so that hopefully I can get more photos. It is hard in the dark, especially when we get "glow eyes" which sometimes ruin an otherwise good photo! Penny seems to be having fun though. I know Cody loves it.

Schwang said...

But if you take things out of the bucket, it just gives you a chance to put it away again.

parlance said...

Curator, it's great fun. I don't know how we'll go in winter, but winters aren't too cold here, so maybe it'll be okay. There is shelter nearby.

parlance said...

Schwang, it seems Penny and you are on the same wavelength.

parlance said...

Doozer, your photos are lovely already! Of course, I was selfish and only posted here the ones that related to Penny. I loved the one with the scary eyes in the tunnel.

Thanks for the photography! It's not often that I'm lucky enough to do a class where someone is taking photos.

Honey the Great Dane said...

Aw...looks like Penny was having a blast! Great to hear how much progress she's made in a few short weeks!

We've recently found a nice Obedience club too and have started doing training at night - have actually just posted a video of us doing some training in our latest post, if you're interested! - and am very grateful to have somewhere well-lit at night to train, as it is often still just too got still to do any trainign while it's still light!


parlance said...

Hsin-Yi, I'm so glad you're training at night. I think the heat must be quite a bother up there.

Sue said...

When we lived at the beach, we sometimes had our classes on the beach. Talk about distractions, waves crashing, gulls strutting around and the worst of all crabs running across the sand. Keeping Libby's attention was quite a task.

parlance said...

Oh, Sue! Training on a beach - so lovely, even if it was distracting. When I was a child I used to go to religious sessions on the beach - I can't remember what church it was, we only enjoyed the sitting and listening to stories, and the games. I think because of that I would love to train Penny on a beach, even if she learned nothing.