Monday, 18 April 2011

Honey's dancing contest

Honey is having a doggy dancing contest and ...perhaps... we're going to enter!

After Penny tore her cruciate ligament last year, we stopped our fun activities - flyball, canine freestyle (doggy dancing), tricks classes with Cindy and even tennis-ball chasing.

And we've been feeling a bit down, ever since.

But Honey's competition has come along at just the right time, when Penny finally seems to be moving okay. We went to Yarra Bend Park with Cindy on Sunday and stayed there for four hours, and the next day Penny wasn't limping!

We won't win, of course, because I'm such a terrible dancer, but it will be great to have a reason to start dancing again. The rules say that only dogs who've never danced in public can enter, so we should be okay to do that. We did go to classes with Sue Cordwell, at Melbourne Canine Freestyle, but never got to perform, because of having to drop out when Penny had her operation.

So, it's time to get out the music, think of a routine we can do in the kitchen, and get cracking!


Tina & Teddy said...

That's terrific...I remember you posting some time back you and Penny were taking doggie dancing classes but hadn't realized you did not get a chance to show off your skills...I am inspired and will try this out with Teddy!
Shake a leg Penny!

Amber-Mae said...

So glad to know you're participating! I'm sure you & Penny will do great. I will be rooting for you two all the way!

parlance said...

Teddy, I hope you are really going to get into the dancing!

parlance said...

Amber-Mae, thanks!! We're inspired to have fun once again. It's been a long haul hanging around without our dancing and playing and other activities. (Though we've enjoyed lots of walking and swimming.)

Honey the Great Dane said...

Aww...thanks so much for spreading the word and I'm so happy you're going to give it a go! That means so much to us and I hope it'll give your activities/training a boost too!

Did you see that Sue is one of the judges? Well, her poodle Charlie, anyway! ;-) If you happen to go gown to MCF before the Finale or see her, you must tell her you're taking part! :-)


parlance said...

Hsin-Yi, I love the fact that anyone in the world can enter, and that it's all in a spirit of fun. I think it's a wonderful idea. I need to talk to Charlie and see whether it's okay for us to be in the comp, but I feel confident he'll say yes. If necessary, we can just enter and not worry about getting a place (a very relaxing way to participate).

Nicole said...

Hi Penny

I found your Blog through Honeys. I really look forward to seeing your entry.

Good luck

Nicole, Griffen and Madeline

parlance said...

Hi, Nicole. I popped over to your blog and see you are blending your two blogs into one. That should be good. I'll be calling over to see more recipes, and to see how the training is going.