Monday, 11 April 2011

Penny scavenges her own meal

It seems Penny's tired of the Hills z/d ultra low-allergen diet. It's been as boring as can be ever since we started it, but we followed it to try to get a handle on her allergic response to something unknown.

Today I took her with me when I visited a friend's garden. I was talking to my friend and noticed a strange silence from Penny. "Where's Penny?' I said.

'Oh, no doubt exploring the garden,' my innocent friend replied.

'No, where's Penny?' I repeated. Penny is usually relaxing nearby - unless she's discovered something to eat.

A look around and there she was, nose in a nice bowl of leftover rice salad set out for the birds, scoffing the meal as fast as she could.

Well, it was time to start adding something to her diet to see if the allergy returns. I just hadn't counted on it happening today.


GrannySue said...

You gotta love it. Being an expert dieter I feel for her.

parlance said...

Granny Sue, I've been trying Weight Watchers Online recently, and I must say I spend a lot of my time thinking about my next meal, so I feel for her also.