Wednesday, 8 June 2011

dogs and grass eating

Many's the time Penny takes herself outside to eat grass. Sometimes it's plain that she isn't feeling well, and is using the grass to clear her bowels (the folded leaves come out the other end looking just the same as they went in!). Other times she eats grass and vomits it up, presumably for a similar reason.

But sometimes she just eats it for no apparent reason. I've posted about this once or twice. Or three times, to be exact.

So it's interesting to read a post at Green Kingdom - at last, a blog by an Australian vet, and a holistic one at that! - about the value of greens in a dog's diet. In part she says:
That proves how great grass is at cleansing and detoxifying!! Sprouts, leafy greens, herbs like parsley or dandelion leaf, grasses like wheatgrass or the easily accessible couch grass (also known as 'dog grass'!), and seaweeds like chlorella, spirulina and kelp are all very beneficial in the diet of your pet.
Wow! Couch grass! We have that. We have it all over the place - growing through the raspberry bushes, twining through the nasturtiums, weaving its way underground to emerge between the chives...

We have it everywhere! Lucky Penny.


Two Pitties in the City said...

Miss M does it too, but I think she thinks the grass is like a fun stringy toy. She's kind of like a cow. Though I don't want to encourage it because it slows down our walk, even if it might be good.

parlance said...

Two Pitties, Penny's grass eating is often like grazing - not just a nibble, but EATING, like a cow, as you say.