Friday, 23 December 2011

more about Christmas gifts for dog lovers

I've just seen a great Christmas gift idea for dog-owning friends. It's on a Kodak site. You print out a book of vouchers offering to do things for them. The example on the page is a voucher for five dog walks. A great idea if you have to come up with something in a hurry and don't want to face the madness in the shops - and, if you're in Melbourne, the uncomfortable summer heat.

The printables are free.

I reckon it could include things like a dog wash, or an offer to walk along with the human and pick up dog poo - or maybe even a play date with your own dog.

Oh, I just thought of another one...
If you are a competent photographer, you could offer to go on a walk with your friend and take a photo of them with the dog, and they could choose the best one to be framed.

There are endless possibilities.


Stewey said...

What a great idea! Hope you had a nice Christmas!

Teal'c said...

Long time no bark :( But we have been stalking your blog silently :) It's good to see that you guys are well despite the Melbourne heat. Everyone in Sydney, except from me and my mum, are complaining about the cold summer so far. Lots of rain and temperatures around 25 degrees - we love it!
And your new dog bowl. Looks very flash! :)

Slobbers from Sydney

parlance said...

Thanks, Stewie, we did have a nice Christmas. I wish you all the best for the new year.

parlance said...

Teal'c, I'm with you on this one. Cool is good. In general, rain is good, too. But it was a bit over the top to get hail and torrents of rain on Christmas Day!!

Honey the Great Dane said...

So sorry this is so late (things have been really crazy lately with our move to Sydney, etc, etc!) but Merry Christmas & Happy New Year!!!

That is a really cool idea! I've heard of it for people with children (offering to babysit, etc) but never thought of a similar thing with dogs. And yeah - your idea of the photos is a great addition! You'd have to be pretty confident of your own skills as a photographer though...! :-)

And I wanted to add that I'm with you on the thoughts for dog Xmas presents (or any pet really) - they don't really understand what is going on, do they? I always feel like it's a terrible waste of money - epecially considering that we already seem to own half the pet store's range of toys...and Honey hardly plays with toys nowadays...and edibles are gone in 60s flat - I sort of feel that the money is better donated to a charity...but then with the blog, you feel guilty - you sort of feel like you ought ot have cute pictures of them with their gifts! Especially when I look around at some of our blog friends...sheesh! The amount of presents they get! Makes me feel like Honey is suffering from animal abuse!! :-) So I usually cave in and get the pets something - if only for appearances' sake! (And also to placate Paul who is a real softie and buys into the whole Christmas/present thing!!)

ps. LOVE Penny's new bowl!

Honey the Great Dane

parlance said...

Hi, Hsin-Yi. Thanks for the visit. I hope your Christmas was a great one, and I wish all of you a lovely start to 2012.