Thursday, 18 October 2012

dogs' reactions to humans' cues

A post by PetMD has me waiting for tomorrow's follow up. It's a summary of a study about the effect human actions would have on a dog choosing between a bowl with a big serve of food and one with a small serve of food. The degree of interest the human showed in the food is varied, and so is the type of gesture the human made towards the bowl with less food. I've read part one.

I reckon Penny would go for the big bowl, whatever, but I'll be interested to read part two, tomorrow.

If it looks fairly easy to do, I might run the test by Penny.


curator said...

And I'd be very interested to hear how the test went.

parlance said...

Curator, I need to read the second part of the report, and then I'll try it out - if it seems possible in the home kitchen. Could be fun.

Bella said...

Parlance, I had a look at the first part of the report and I think Roxy would ignore all types of influences and go straight for the bowl that was closest to her! hee hee! I think it will be interesting to see the final results of the test. Keep us posted, please! :)

parlance said...

Bella, I think it would be hard to make the test neutral, unless I had two of her food bowl. Hmmm...I supposed I could serve both in a boring plastic container. Oh, might try it that way.