Thursday, 18 April 2013

reverse sneezing in dogs

VetMD has a short article on reverse sneezing today. And there's a link to a clip of a dog doing it. I've been scared nearly out of my skin when Penny had episodes of reverse sneezing, but it has always stopped fairly quickly. Once I couldn't figure out whether she was reverse sneezing or had kennel cough. 

It's reassuring to read that it's a normal part of doggy life.


Johann The Dog said...

Gracie gets that on occasion, heck even I got it a couple of times, when I got something in my snout (lots of sandy dirt here on the mountain). When Gracie got a bad espisode once, Mum put her thumbs over Gracie's nostrils for a second or two and it helped a lot.

parlance said...

I've heard about that technique, Johann, and I have sometimes tried it, but I'm not sure if I did it right or whether the sneezing just stopped of its own accord, lol.