Tuesday, 2 April 2013

What about the dog?

Two recent stories in The Age newspaper have left me wondering what became of the dogs involved in the events.

The first is the story of a man who lost his shih-tzu. He is reportedly the serjeant-at-arms of the Hells Angels bikie gang. A local woman found his lost dog and put up posters, but when he rang her he seems to have lost his temper and  abused her verbally, which perhaps made her wonder if he was the real owner. (We've all heard the stories about dogs being falsely claimed so they can be used as fodder for dog fights.) 

He then came to her house and is alleged to have punched her. After this, the woman and her husband say they suffered  three months of intimidation and threats.

The dog owner has been remanded in custody. Which begs the question: where is the dog now? The Age report says:
Fairfax Media has been unable to ascertain the present location of Skitzo's shih-tzu.
The second report was in the paper this morning. It's a confronting but interesting story about an 83-year-old woman, Beverley Broadbent, in reasonable health, not depressed, who decided to end her own life on the night of 11 February.

She's shown speaking to a reporter about her decision, and on her lap, comfortable and relaxed, is her dog, Lucy. On the night in question, Ms Broadbent had Lucy to stay with a friend who had previously said she would keep Lucy if needed. I presume the friend did not know what was to happen that night, because she was to bring Lucy back the next day.

I felt sad for Lucy when I read this, but I hope she has a good life with that friend, and copes without Beverley.


proud womon said...

i wonder the same parlance... is skitzo's canine companion safe - sadly in the article they didn't even get the dignity of name or gender, just the status of property...

and poor, poor lucy - the forgotten victim who will be suffering incredibly at the loss of her friend...

parlance said...

We take them into our lives and they often get hurt - sort of 'collateral damage'.
I'm hopeful about each of these dogs, though. Lucy may have a close relationship with the woman who took her for the night. I think Beverley Broadbent seems to have been the sort of person to make sure no-one was hurt by her decision to die.
And the little nameless fluffy would have a home to stay in, because as far as I know, he/she was really Skitzo's dog and he cared enough to look for his dog. He had a partner or wife, so hopefully she loves the dog too.