Sunday, 6 April 2014

is that fish for rolling on or for eating?

I'm hoping that the Bowen therapy will help with Penny's itchiness and her licking. However, we've also been to the vet and he suggested a short course of anti-inflammatories, so we'll try that too.

A friend suggested that more fish in Penny's diet might be good, so I picked up this little bag of treats the other day. (I hope they were sustainably fished and dried without some horrible chemical process.)

But Penny doesn't get it. Treats shouldn't have eyes. These little fish got the same treatment as the raw fish she found in her bowl so long ago.

Yep. The fish got a good rolling-on.

Her technique's not that good, because I think I can see the fish peeping out from under her head. (BTW, it seems the best place to acquire a fishy smell is behind the ears.)

The little dead thing looked kind of lonely after Penny loomed up at the camera to see what I was doing, before wandering away.

I don't like to think of a fish dying for no reason, so I broke our rule that any uneaten food will be removed after a couple of minutes. I left it there.

And what do you know? When I came back later it was gone.

Here's hoping it's not buried somewhere in the house. I think not, because later Penny actually deigned to eat another little fish when I offered it to her.


Mitch and Molly said...

We have never had treats like this before! Lucky you, Penny! We hope the fishies work for you and the meds too, of course.

Love ya lots♥
Mitch and Molly

parlance said...

Thanks, Mitch and Molly. Here's hoping she'll soon be completely healthy and happy.