Tuesday, 1 January 2008

happy new year to all

Penny is lying on the hot kitchen floor, tired out but not sleeping because it is over 30 degrees in the house at 1:30 am on the first day of the year. I think that would be somewhere near 90 degrees fahrenheit.

I've cooled her down with a wet towel on her stomach, but she keeps wandering around looking for a new spot to doze.

However, I feel sure she would join me in wishing everyone, canine and human, a great start to the new year and lots of good times in 2008.

(If tonight is global warming in action, I don't look forward to the coming summers. Let's hope we can all work together to keep our one and only world in good shape for the future.)


mary said...

Happy New Year from New York, not that it is the new year here yet. But it is for all my Australian family and friends. We are about to have some very cold weather at the end of the week. I wonder if I will see more dogs with coats. There have been a few but most dogs just have their own coats to keep them warm here.

parlance said...

It's funny that it's quite fashionable to have coats for dogs in Melbourne, where we don't really know the meaning of the words 'cold weather' and yet you're not seeing many doggy coats there where it's seriously cold.

parlance said...

By the way, Mary in cool if not cold New York, I had to give Penny a bath in cool water at 2:30 am because she came into my bedroom and lay there panting. Then, of course she was ready for a play and turned up ten minutes later as I was drifting off, presenting a rubber ball for some fun.

Amber-Mae said...

Hey Parlance & Penny, Happy New Year to you too! We attended a doggy New Year pawty last night & we got lots to eat! More KFC & pizza!

Love licks,
Solid Gold Dancer