Saturday, 26 April 2008

Blogging about our dogs

Penny's blog has had a quiet month since one of her humans crashed his car into a brick wall. (Ouch!). Now that he is home again and the pack is complete, Penny can relax and expect her usual routine - lots of attention, many walks, and an interesting variety of foods. And she might be expecting her blog to rev up and steam ahead. (Wow. A lovely mixed metaphor there.)

In preparation for writing, I thought I should scoot around the Net and start revisiting the blogs I like. One that I've mentioned before is Itchmo. I've found it always interesting and informative. However, I've just read on Dr Patty Khuly's blog, that Itchmo is no longer operational. Dr Khuly, who blogs as Dolittler, says that she's heard the Huh’s (the couple who ran Itchmo) have found that they need to focus at the moment on real life and day jobs. I'll miss Itchmo but I'll console myself by hoping they will return one of these days, and I'll enjoy the other great blogs that celebrate the joy dogs bring to our households.

Dolittler, who is a practising vet, says that she has found blogging not only therapeutic but also a means of revitalising her veterinary work. Her site has expanded lately and has heaps of features.


Sparky said...

Oh, I'm glad Penny's human is back home again! I hope he's doing well.

I'll be looking forward to more new Penny posts!


parlance said...

Thanks, Sparky!
Penny's happy to have the whole pack around her.