Sunday, 27 April 2008

Feeling quite blue about my dog's toilet habits

After a smooth-sailing introduction to house-training, Penny had two years of no 'accidents'. However, in the last week she's had three bowel movements in the house. We put it down to diarrhoea and a disturbed feeding schedule - due to the family dealing with hospital visits and general stress. But we were worried about her health, so we've been eagerly awaiting a 'normal product' on one of our walks, so we could check it out and reassure ourselves that she was okay once more.

Imagine our concern, then, when her poo had a section that was blue-green! We conferred anxiously. Should we throw it in the bin or take it along to the vet? Is there some strange but deadly canine disease that causes blue poo? Privet berries are blue, aren't they? Oh, no - onto the internet to check. Uh oh...

Or - could she have eaten something blue on one of our walks recently? Let me think, does Penny ever lunge quickly under a bush and gobble a tidbit before we can stop her? Sure does...

We decided to wait and see - just for one more day.

Shock! Horror! The next day's exhibit was nearly all blue.

That's it - off to the vet immediately!

But wait... It seemed like a good idea two days ago to give her a nice black charcoal dog-biscuit to settle her stomach. Do I remember, from way back in my school days, a science lesson where we put a black texta in water and discovered that black dye is made up of blue and some other colour? Hey, let's get one of those black biscuits and put it in water...

Yep. The water turned blue.

Thank goodness. And, by the way, she seems to have settled her stomach. Perhaps it was the acres of grass she ate three days ago. It certainly went right through her and came out as a nice intestine-shaped sausage of folded leaves.

Who'd have thought, three years ago, that I'd take such an interest in dog-poo?


Anonymous said...

Oh and I was thinking as I read your blog that Penny had eaten grass that had been sprayed with weed killer - this has a green- blue dye added so people can see that it has been sprayed. So glad it was not that, as I heard today of a dog passing green poo and who was quite sick. he ended up having to spend the night at the Vet's under observation.
your friend

parlance said...

Oh, my heart sped up a little when I read this! I'm going to keep an even closer eye on her over the next couple of days. But I do feel fairly certain that it was the biscuit. The only sure way is to wait a while and let her eat another. I read somewhere that dogs shouldn't eat charcoal too often. Actually, maybe it was you who told me that?

Johann The Dog said...

Blue poo! Now that's a new one. I sure hope you found out fur sure that it was the biscuit!

Woofs, Johann

parlance said...

Johann, I feel confident enough that I haven't taken Penny to the vet (yet). She is lively, active and eating well. But we still have a worm of worry wriggling in our stomachs. I'll give her another charcoal biscuit tomorrow and keep an eye out for colorful poo.