Friday, 18 April 2008

Therapy dogs - amateur ones

Penny had to endure a bath today, as she was going to the hospital to visit her human who's been missing from home for three weeks, since his car accident.
We were both taken aback when she didn't seem to recognise him at first. After being told that she was going to see him, she dashed into the little garden and rushed here and there, looking...looking...looking. But she kept passing him by as if she didn't notice him - a bit disconcerting for him, I must say!
We're not sure what the behaviour signified. We thought perhaps the fact that he's got medication in his system made him smell different. He was probably standing differently, too, because of the brace on his leg (broken knee).
All was well once he had a couple of treats in his hand - suddenly she recognised him!
It was lovely to see them sitting together, when Penny, just for once, was allowed to sit up on the seat with him.


curator said...

Hi Parlance,
Things have kept me from coming by for a bit. So I am shocked to hear about the car accident in the family, and grateful to know he's on the mend and not looking too bad at all! Best wishes from the Pet Museum gang for his fast and comfortable recovery. Lovely pics of Penny, BTW. I am sure she is a wonderful comfort.

parlance said...

Hi, Curator
I haven't been browsing my favorite blogs lately, either. Thanks for the good wishes. I'll be over as soon as I can to see what's been happening on your blog!

Slavenka said...

Hi Parlance!Unfortunately in my
country we cen't go with our pets
in visit to hospitals.I'm glad
you can.All the best to you and your family.

The Aphasia Decoder.... said...

I visited my human dad in the hospital once, too, and I didn't recognize him at first either. There were so many strange smells there and he looked different. But Penny has so much hair in her eyes, I'll bet she couldn't see. Cooper

parlance said...

Slavenka, I don't think Penny could have visited a normal hospital, but this is a place where people go after they are a little better and need to take time to get well. It's a hospital but more relaxed and informal.

parlance said...

Cooper, I wonder if you also had to be bribed with a treat to recognise your dad? I bet you didn't, you probably worked out without any help that it was really him.
Funny you should say that about the hair over Penny's eyes. We keep having endless debates about whether to cut it short so she can see; then we think of Old English Sheepdogs and say, well, if they can see okay, so can Penny.