Wednesday, 10 June 2009

a famous dog blogger - not!

Flush - a Biography. It's the title of a book by Virginia Woolf. What a discovery! If such a great literary figure thougth it was okay to write the life story of a dog, we doggie bloggers can hold our heads high!

Woolf published Flush in 1933 and it's a fictional biography of Elizabeth Barrett Browning’s dog.(Elizabeth Barrett Browning was an English poet of the Romantic Movement, born in 1806 in England.)
Here's a little of the opening of chapter one. (Which of course has a different literary style from a modern blog, lol.)
Many million years ago the country which is now called Spain seethed uneasily in the ferment of creation. Ages passed; vegetation appeared; where there is vegetation the law of Nature has decreed that there shall be rabbits; where there are rabbits, Providence has ordained there shall be dogs.
The text of the whole book is available free at Project Gutenberg.


Weekly Wag said...

I am a huge Virginia Woolf fan and I haven't read it! Thanks for the tip. Here's an American author that might peak your interest: Amy Hempel is a serious contemporary literary figure and dog lover who squeezes dogs into many of her short stories. She also co-edited a book of poetry by writers' dogs. Its called "Unleashed".

parlance said...

Yes, I'm very interested. Thanks for that information. I read lots of American short stories. In fact, I'm part of an online short-story group based at WVU in the US -

I'll do a search on Amy Hempel.